How it Works

When you call Home Aid Caregivers, you speak with our of trained and experienced staff who reviews your loved one’s information with you. Some of the things we ask are the name and address, do they have any medical conditions, and what are they having trouble with, who do we contact for questions and what type of care are you interested in as well as what your loved one likes to do and what do they enjoy.

Once we complete this, we set a time with you to come to your loved one’s home and to an in-home assessment. Some of the questions we ask are:

  • What are some of the physical, mental and emotional abilities, deficiencies or challenges?
  • What is their family and community support structure like?
  • What are some of the aspects of their personality and what would they like in a caregiver?
  • What tasks, duties and requests do you have for your caregiver?
  • What are some of their hobbies, interest, and history so we can get a feeling for who they are?

At this time we discuss how affordable and flexible we can be in caring for your loved one. Once we agree on the care and the costs, we speak with our current group of caregivers to find the best possible match. We review the specifics of your case and develop a personal plan for our caregiver to take care of your loved one. We then accompany the caregiver to your loved one’s home and make an introduction.

You can expect a bill from us weekly by email or traditional mail. We supervise the cases bases on the complexity, how well the caregiver and client get along, mental capacity of the client and the client’s ability to communicate with us about the caregiver. We also take into account the desire of the family on frequency… all that to say we communicated a minimum once per month and we keep in touch via phone also. You can rest assured that we are checking in, taking care and reporting back to you at a level that keeps everyone comfortable and well informed.