Tips for Dealing with Criticisms During Your Caregiver Journey

Caregiver Chandler TX - Tips for Dealing with Criticisms During Your Caregiver Journey

Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult can be one of the most challenging experiences you face in your life. When you feel as though you are not getting support from those around you, and are receiving criticisms from those watching your care efforts, it can be even more difficult. Often family caregivers for aging adults are criticized for their care efforts by other members of their family, such as their siblings, or the siblings of their aging parent.

These criticisms can be very stressful, and have a negative impact on emotional health, as well as your ability at to care for your senior effectively. Coping with these criticisms effectively is essential to not only maintaining your own well-being throughout your efforts, but also protecting your relationship with your parent, and making sure you are giving them the highest quality of care possible.

Use these tips to deal with criticism during your caregiver journey:

Consider whether it is really criticism. Family members and friends may truly want to help, and offer what they think is guidance and advise, but that you perceive as criticism. Really evaluate what has been said to you, and who said it, and determine if it was given in a negative spirit. While unsolicited advice and interference may it be aggravating and frustrating for you as a caregiver, it has less of a negative impact than blatant criticism.

Confront it. Particularly with subtle forms of criticism, the criticizer may not actually want for you to respond to them, or to even acknowledge it. Confronting them about it, and expressing your distaste and the fact that you do not need their input makes it clear you know what’s happening, and that you do not want it to continue. If it does, it is grounds for more strategic moves, such as not associating with them, or limiting their contact.

Collaborate. Suggest to the person that they should be more involved. If they have so many suggestions, or disagree so strongly with your choices, they should step in and modify the care approach. Give them the opportunity to be actively involved and manage some of your parent’s care. They may quickly find their criticisms are ungrounded, and their recommendations for how to handle things are impractical. If they don’t, you have found help to reduce your stress.

There may come a time in your caregiver journey when you are unable to give your parent the care they need for a set period of time. Whether this is a few hours or a few days, you may worry about your senior not having this support and assistance. Fortunately, respite care can be there for you.

A respite home care provider can step in when there is an urgent or temporary need for care so your parent does not go without the care they need when you are unable to be with them. This can be because you become ill and do not want to spread your germs to your parent, you must be with your children for an event, or you simply need some time away from your care efforts. You can feel confident this in-home senior care provider will follow your senior’s schedule as closely as possible, and help your loved one stay safe, healthy, and comfortable until you return.


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