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Four Signs Your Senior Might Not Be Doing as Well as You Thought

Home Care Services Whitehouse TX - Four Signs Your Senior Might Not Be Doing as Well as You Thought

When you’re a caregiver, you have to use a variety of different bits of information to determine when you need to step in and offer more help. Some of the pieces of information that you might be digging for can be pretty subtle, too. Your senior’s appearance can offer many of these clues for you to interpret.

Her Overall Appearance Is Different

If you can’t visit with your aging adult as often as you might like, video conferencing can be the next best thing. It allows you to see your elderly family member instead of just talking to her over the phone. During video calls, you might notice that your elderly family member just doesn’t look right. You might not be able to put your finger on it completely, but having a visual on the situation can be an important way to get more information.

She’s Gained or Lost Weight

Losing or gaining weight can be a sign that something else is going on with your elderly family member. Some of the situations that can cause changes in weight are emotional and mental, such as depression, but others involve existing health issues. Medications, for instance, that help your elderly family member with chronic health issues can have long-range effects.

She Seems Frailer Than She Was

If your elderly family member is looking as if she’s a little more fragile than usual, there could be a reason. Watch how she gets up from a seated position and pay attention to how she feels when you hug her, if you’re able to do so in person. If you’re not able to see her in person and hug her, then watching for stability issues and other difficulties is an important way to gauge frailty.

She’s Putting off Seeing You in Person

Sometimes the biggest sign that there’s something wrong is that you can’t get any sort of understanding of what is going on. This might be most obvious if you’re trying to visit with your senior and she’s making excuses to avoid seeing you. There are definitely times that you might want to visit that aren’t necessarily convenient, but when you can’t seem to find any time to meet up with your elderly family member, that is something to delve deeper into.

Home Care Services providers can help you to keep track of all of these types of issues. Even if you can’t be there with her in person as often as you would like, they can check in on her and make sure that she’s got her needs met.

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