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What You and Your Elder Need to Know about Dry Eye

Elder Care Noonday TX - What You and Your Elder Need to Know about Dry Eye

You may have seen commercials about dry eye or talked to other people who are experiencing dry eye, but you may not realize just how common it is. In fact, many people who battle dry eye don’t realize that’s what is causing them problems.

Here’s what you need to know.

Dry Eyes Are Common

Most people tend to think of eyes as fairly static parts of the body, but they do change, especially because of age. Some people’s eyes simply don’t make enough tears. This condition can pop up at any age. Older adults are more likely to experience dry eyes because their eyes stop producing tears as much or because of medications that they take. Your elderly family member may also be more sensitive to environmental changes.

You Might not Realize Your Eyes Are Dry

Your elderly family member might not realize that what she’s dealing with is dry eyes. She may describe pain or irritation in her eyes rather than dryness. Some people experience what feels like a scratchy sensation, as if there’s something between the eyelid and the eye itself. If your elderly family member mentions anything that feels different about her eyes, it’s worth investigating further.

Treating Dry Eye Is Easier than You Think

While dry eye is incredibly irritating, it can be easier to treat than your senior might think. One of the easiest treatments could involve eye drops. Some might be used at night while your senior sleeps. Another option is to determine whether medication side effects are to blame. In those cases, altering dosage or switching medications can help. Also, some people find that changes to their diet that include more omega-3 fatty acids can help.

Schedule Regular Eye Appointments

The best defense against lasting damage from dry eye is regular eye appointments. If it’s been a while since your aging family member’s last eye appointment, it’s time to make a new one. Make sure that you address any concerns your elder family member has mentioned about any new symptoms with her eyes. Between a physical exam and an evaluation of her medical history, your senior’s eye doctor can help to narrow down a cause.

Helping your elder family member to deal with dry eye can ensure that she’s covering all angles of the situation. You may even want to consider hiring elder care providers to give her even more help when you can’t be there.

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