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What Does it Mean to Be Part of the “Invisible Workforce”?

Elder Care Gresham TX - What Does it Mean to Be Part of the "Invisible Workforce"?

When you’re a family caregiver, that’s likely only one of your titles. You might also be so many other things to so many other people. The problem is that some of your most important work is also some of what most people don’t recognize as much as they do your other accomplishments.

What Is the Invisible Workforce?

The term “invisible workforce” is a reference to people who put in full-time hours and effort, but usually aren’t recognized for that work. If you’re a caregiver, then you’re likely a member of the invisible workforce. On top of that, you likely have other responsibilities, including an actual full-time job that demands a lot of your time and your attention.

Caregiving Is a Full-time Job

You may not think about it like this, but caregiving really is a full-time job. You’re on call as well, which can lead to additional stress. The hours that you put into caregiving are likely to be hours that you would normally use to rest or to do other things for yourself and for others in your life. Now you’re spending that time in a very different way.

You Can’t Do This Without Some Support

Everyone likes to think that they can handle complicated situations like caregiving on their own. While you can do quite a bit on your own, you do still need support here and there. One of the best ways to get the support you need is to hire elder care providers. They’re experienced in all the ways that caregivers and care recipients need assistance. They can lighten the task load of caregiving so that you can get way more accomplished.

You’re Looking for a Balance

What you’re ultimately trying to do is to create a balance for yourself. This balance is going to mean that you’re caring for your elderly family member, for yourself, and for your other responsibilities without stressing yourself out or putting your own health at risk. Balance looks slightly different for everyone, so you’ll need to find your way with it. When you start to feel as if you’ve landed on a system that works, you are on your way.

Working to achieve a balance between caregiving and the rest of your responsibilities can go a long way toward helping you to feel less invisible. Maintaining a balance is a lot easier than finding it, so you’re doing the difficult work first so that you can enjoy that labor down the line.

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