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October is Eat Better Eat Together Month

Senior Care Flint TX - October is Eat Better Eat Together Month

Nutritious food is important to a healthy body, but many Americans have developed bad habits when it comes to meals. October is Eat Better, Eat Together Month, which focuses on making the most of mealtime—physically, mentally and emotionally. Elderly adults are the most at risk for eating alone and all the negative health benefits associated with that. Family caregivers can focus on fixing the situation for their elderly loved ones and encourage better eating habits.

Negative Effects of Eating Alone

When seniors eat alone, it means that they are not getting all the benefits that sharing meals provides. Studies show that when people eat alone, they tend to have meal that are less nutritious, and lean toward meals that are easy to fix and therefore full of artificial ingredients, fat, sugar and preservatives. Too much of this kind of food can lead to a range of health issues, from malnutrition to obesity. It also leads to a weaker immune system, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and poor bone and muscle health.

Solitary meals are also connected with overeating or under-eating in seniors. Many elderly adults even skip meals because they are dealing with chronic pain, limited mobility or simply don’t want to bother. Socially, dining alone can reinforce feelings of loneliness and isolation in aging adults. Depression is very common in senior, and the mental and emotional impact of eating alone can trigger this serious mental health condition as well.

Senior Care Providers Improve Mealtimes for Seniors

Family caregivers that want the best for their aging loved one should check out hiring senior care providers to be there for meals. senior care providers can prepare nutritious meal that are packed with flavor and appropriate for aging adults and their specific dietary needs. The professional providers can also encourage seniors to have healthy snacks throughout the day instead of junk food. Nutrition is important to overall senior health and wellness and having an senior care provider on hand to help makes a big difference.

Another advantage of having an senior care provider around for meals is that they can encourage the aging adult to do new things, from trying new dishes to dining in different locations. For example, on their own, an elderly adult may not be able to eat on the patio on a beautiful day. However, a senior care provider can set it up so the senior can enjoy the outdoors. Other advantages include inviting friends over for dinner, trying new recipes, and enticing reluctant seniors to finish their meals.

Not only will the senior care provider make the meals, but they can spend time with the aging adult and even eat together. The social and emotional benefits of having an elderly person to share food with lonely seniors is beyond measurement. Family caregivers will also be happy to know that their aging loved ones are not feeling as isolated when they can’t get there themselves.

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