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Does Your Senior Really Believe You’re Poisoning Her?

Elderly Care Bullard TX - Does Your Senior Really Believe You're Poisoning Her?

You might be really shocked one day to hear your aging adult accuse you of poisoning her food. This accusation might not make any sense at all, but if she has dementia, that could be where the statements are originating.

Cognitive Issues Create Painful Accusations

When your elderly family member is experiencing cognitive issues her brain isn’t working the way that it has in the past. Sometimes that means that she accuses you of some really painful activities that you would never do, like poisoning her food or drink. This can happen because of the delusions and paranoia that can often accompany dementia, but it can also happen because your senior may not feel well and this is the only answer that makes sense to her. It’s important that you not take these accusations personally.

Respond Carefully and Lovingly

How you respond to these accusations is crucial. If you let your own feelings take the lead, you’re more likely to respond defensively or with logical arguments and neither of those responses will work. Let your senior know that you love her and that her well-being is your highest priority. Stay calm and reassure her that she’s safe with you.

Ask Your Senior if She’d Like to Help You Cook

One solution that can help is to ask your senior if she’d like to help you cook her food. Sometimes this accusation can come from a feeling of being out of control or not having any sort of say in what she eats or drinks. Involving your aging adult as much as you can with the process of meal preparation may be what she needs to feel more secure.

Offer to Take a Bite or a Sip First

Another answer is to offer to eat or drink from your senior’s servings first. After you load her plate or fill her glass, offer to sample it in front of her. This idea that you’re willing to ingest these foods and beverages can help your elderly family member to feel more comfortable. Having her own taster might also help her to feel taken care of in ways that your words aren’t able to do.

These types of battles with your aging adult can take a lot out of you. Remember to stay calm and to approach your responses in a way that has worked in the past. You might even find that your senior responds well to elderly care providers helping with meal preparation. Any solution that makes her more comfortable can be a good one.

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