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A Senior with Lung Cancer Will Need a Lot of Support

Caregiver Jacksonville TX - A Senior with Lung Cancer Will Need a Lot of Support

When an elderly person has been diagnosed with lung cancer, the prognosis may not be very good. There may be a decent chance that they beat this cancer and steal a few more years of life, but no matter what happens in the next year or two, he or she is going to require a tremendous amount of support.

This may turn a family member into a de facto caregiver.

It could be a spouse or adult child who lives relatively close to this elderly person. Those individuals may not even think twice about stepping up and helping this person through their ordeal. Many family caregivers fail to realize, though just how much work this will require.

It could become more than a full-time job.

Most people will step up to be a caregiver for an aging parent, spouse, or other individual in their family out of a sense of responsibility. They may feel as though everyone else expects them to do this, especially if they live in close proximity to this other person.

Whatever expectations there are, most people dramatically underestimate just how much work this type of job requires. That’s because they don’t think about it as a job. They think about it as a responsibility or obligation.

A lot of people also assume it’s just about stopping by, checking on this individual, perhaps helping them prepare a meal when they are feeling worn out and wiped out by the chemotherapy or radiation treatments, and so on.

What it often leads to is a lot more.

This family caregiver could end up helping this person get out of bed, take a shower, get dressed, go to the bathroom, clean the house, shopping, take them to appointments, offer companionship, sit with them and have a conversation when they feel horrible, and so on.

No matter what that family caregiver has going on in the rest of his or her life, all of this extra stuff is going to place a tremendous amount of pressure on their time. It can also demand a lot out of this family caregiver emotionally.

The best thing people can do is consider home care services.

An experienced caregiver who works for an agency would be one of the best options. Not only could a professional and experienced home care aide be hired for just a short amount of time during the week, such as a couple of hours one or two days a week, through an agency those hours can be increased if needed, without much hassle.

If people don’t have prior experience helping somebody go through a fight like this, against lung cancer, they may be ill-equipped physically and emotionally to handle the rigors for months on end. In that case, home care is the best option.

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