Our Company Story



I am Joey Coker and I founded Home Aid Caregivers in 2002. I grew up around here, in a small, rural community just outside of Jacksonville, Texas. I spend a lot of my time growing up around older adults.

They taught me the very best of their generation’s values: hard-work, self-discipline, commitment to marriage and family, responsibility, faith in God. They also taught me about honesty, integrity and humility.

I also believe strongly in education. I graduated from Harding University and the University of North Texas and received my Master’s Degree in Long Term Care Administration. I could see that America was getting older and I wanted to provide care for people just the way my family did with their elders, with respect, dignity and the ability to stay in their home enjoying what they loved to do for as long as possible.

I am a country boy through and through which is why I started a family business. I am proud of my upbringing and the influences I enjoyed as a kid.

No matter where I go, I am thankful I live where I live and have the family, and friends, and clients that I do. The people I serve expect the best for their loved ones just like I do – so every family gets the best we can offer.